I got a super virus... More after the jump.

So I got like 50+ Trojans, some registry hacks, and some other random sh*t on my computer. That's the last time I download a keygen from an obscure website.

List of things I did:

  • Malwarebytes Scan

  • AVG 8.0 Free Scan

  • SUPER Antispyware Scan

  • Microsoft Registry Cleaner Scan

  • Microsoft Defender Scan

  • HiJack This Scan

  • Reinstall Windows XP SP2

  • Regedit here and there

  • Avast Antivirus Scan

  • Combofix

  • The Virus was a total bitch because it locked up antivirus programs and system restore. It also screwed up my search engine links in Firefox, destroyed my windows theme, corrupted part of my harddrives (thank god not the media), and corrupted my recycle bin. I lost some minor information crap, etc. I got random crashes on startup and freezing too... Hopefully combofix worked for those.

    On the + side, I totally revamped my desktop after having to delete so much shit. I also got Album Art for all of my music, learned how to use RSS and Smart Playlists, and fixed up my ffox fastdial to make it epic. Check it out:


    Fastdial on Firefox3:

    Anime Folder with Picture Previews (Thank god I still have it. Over 500 gigs.):

    Album Art:

    More Album Art:

    Moar Album Art:

    I've been pretty busy with AP tests and all. Hopefully I can start up blogging as the spring season comes around.

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    Here's an attempt at putting music on the blog

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    This will be my last announcement for a long time. As I learn more CSS, I am starting to make headway and the site layout will be finalized soon. I am also revamping my posting procedure, and learning about Picasa's collage-maker feature, so I may be able to review all the ongoing anime that I watch. I think a slice of me(onlyme775) is going to be suspended indefinitely and there will be lots of good stuff coming up. Category types will be changed and once I turn regular, expect a schedule change, etc. I think I'm going to wipe all my previous posts (possibly) after I get everything finalized. Give me a month and then this will be continuous. I may also start up a secondary blog about life and random musings. See you in a month :D

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    Thanks to Somnia for pointing out that the comments don't work. I will try to fix that as soon as possible.

    *Edit* Fixed

    Other projects include trying to figure out how to create a drop-down menu on the top.

    At this point in time, most of the layout is finalized. For suggestions or comments, please email me at meonlyme.web@gmail.com. Also, if you know why the comments don't work, please, please let me know. Again thank you. :D

    I am also trying to figure out how to add a break in-between posts, as one is not apparent (yet). I am trying to be patient, but this is really frustrating... About and Scoring should be updated sometime or another as well.

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    As you can clearly see, I have a new template. Banner and dropdown navigation will come soon. Blogging will start, as previously stated, probably within a month.

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    *Will be reformatted with pix, etc when I have the time*

    Posted as soon as I get news/watch

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    There will be a series of posts so I can organize my stuff. Bear with me.

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